24 February 2024, saturday



Filharmonia Śląska im. H. M. Góreckiego
Sokolska 2, 40-084 Katowice
Tel.: 503 774 949

Marcin Wyrostek, together with extraordinary guests: vocalists, the Corazon and the Silesian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, invite to Spodek for an evening full of great emotions! The beauty of Silesian songs will come out in new-style arrangements. 

TRADYCYJA is a story about Silesia, its culture, customs and, above all, about its people. Tradition of singing together is a very important element of Silesian culture, while „CYJA” (dialectal name for the accordion) is undoubtedly the most accurate and characteristic instrument of our region. TRADYCYJA connects generations, inspires people to sing together and reflect on the regional heritage of Silesia. TRADYCYJA is a timeless relationship of Silesian songs with an contemporary approach to music. 

The arrangements of the songs were created in cooperation with leading Polish arrangers: Paweł Tomaszewski, Stanisław Słowiński and Piotr Zaufal. The project's illustrations - watercolors - were created by an outstanding Silesian artist from Nikiszowiec in Katowice: Grzegorz Chudy.

Performers: Miuosh, Cezik, Piotr Kupicha, Kasia Moś, Urszula Dudziak, Janusz Radek, Sebastian Riedel, Frele, Marcin Jajkiewicz, Wiola Malchar-Orynicz, CORAZON band oraz Silesian Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra.