Facts and figures

  • 338,732 m³ – total volume of the building
  • 29,473 m² – usable area
  • 35 sections, including a special VIP section
  • 7,776 – permanent seats
  • 11,036 – total number of seats

11,000 visitors can fit into the tribunes of the Spodek Arena.

Total surface of 7 ha

The Spodek Arena and its additional facilities and usable surfaces form a multi-functional complex that spans nearly 7 hectares.
Unique in Poland
An exceptional work of architecture, Spodek has become a permanent fixture on the map of Katowice.

Venue for large sports events

For the past 45 years, the Spodek Arena has served as a venue for major sports events, such as world championships in men’s volleyball or ice hockey.

Venue for unforgettable concerts

The Spodek Arena has also hosted concerts by world-famous stars, such as Metallica, Deep Purple, Pearl Jam, Jean Michael Jarre, Green Day and Mike Oldfield.

The largest e-sports event

In 2016, the venue hosted the fourth edition of the largest e-sports event, Intel Extreme Masters, attracting a record turnout of 113,000 spectators.

The flying saucer

The Spodek Arena owes it flying-saucer appearance not to graphic design, but to mathematical and architectural calculations. Its truncated cone construction is not an aesthetic whim. Architects calculated that this is the only structure that can withstand the impact of mining shocks. An additional safety measure is the small surface that connects the large Spodek (341 m3 and 29,470 m2 of usable space) to the ground.

The largest cinema screen

Spodek once had a running cinema, and with its 22x14m dimensions, the screen was one of the largest in all of Poland. In 1973, as many as 104 thousand viewers watched “In Desert and Wilderness” and more than 60 thousand enjoyed “The Godfather”.

4,000 soldiers’ feet

At the time of construction, the fate of Spodek was uncertain. Architects from Gliwice and Warsaw suggested that the building might collapse with people sitting in the audience. An experiment was in order. When the structure was ready, more than 4,000 soldiers sat in the tribunes and, on cue, started stamping and jumping at the same time. Vibrations were within permitted norms and the construction proved robust.

Meeting with a dictator

7 June 1972 witnessed two great events held at the Spodek. Firstly, the Arena hosted a visit from Fidel Castro. More than 10 thousand “voluntary” guests were bussed in to attend the meeting with the dictator. The event was followed by a Great Car Show, during which the Fiat 126p made its grand debut. Over seven days, 250 thousand visitors flocked in to see it!

Record turnout

The Spodek also holds the record for the largest turnout. In 2001, during the preliminaries and finals of the World League of men’s volleyball, the arena hosted nearly 50 thousand fans.

30 thousand tiles

The elevation of the building is covered by approximately 30 thousand tiles, all of which were replaced during renovation works in 2011. The original tiles were composed of cement and asbestos; the new ones are made of aluminium. When the old elevation was taken down, nearly 100 tons of asbestos had to be removed.