The band Bi-2, currently performing in the USA and Europe, will also perform in Katowice as part of the "Hallelujah" world tour. The event will take place at SPODEK in Katowice - on December 15, 2024. The artists will play their greatest hits, such as: „Prayer”, „Slippery Streets”, „My Love”, „Varvara”, „My Rock and Roll”, „Silver”, „Nobody Writes to the Colonel” and many others that became popular among fans. The group will also present their latest 2022 album titled "Hallelujah", which is also the name of this year's tour. The "Hallelujah" album became a bridge between the era of the COVID-19 pandemic and the breakthrough year of 2022, taking listeners on an emotional journey full of the desire to remain faithful to the ideals of love, dignity and freedom.

The history of Bi-2 began in Belarus in the punk 1980s and continued through the difficult times of their emigration, among others, to Israel and Australia. The group, founded by vocalist Liowa (Egor Bortnik) and guitarist Szura (Alexandr Uman), quickly gained fame thanks to its original sound, approach to the art of rock and extraordinary live shows. An important point in their career were also soundtracks for films such as "Brother 2", "What Men Are Talking About" and "Election Day". Additionally, their achievements include a project called "Odd Warrior", in which world-class pop stars took part, collaborating with a symphony orchestra. Over the years, the band's work has been appreciated by both critics and fans, which brought them many prestigious awards.

The current line-up of the band (still headed by Liowa and Szura) guarantees concerts that will surely be remembered. Their work continues to evolve, covering a variety of musical genres. Bi-2 creates music that affects not only emotions, but also body and soul. The meeting with Bi-2 in Katowice will not only be a concert; it will be rock euphoria that only this band can fully guarantee to the audience. The artists will tell a story of human strength in the face of difficulties, a tribute to adversity filled with love and unwavering hope. This is a unique opportunity to feel the Bi-2 pulsating energy of rock and experience moments full of power, magic, joy and community.