Daria Zawiałow - Pete Stop


Daria Zawiałow invites you to Pete Stop.

After winning a Fryderyk award for Pop Album of the Year and the success of her spring tour, Daria Zawiałow invites you to the second stop of the concert version of the Dziewczyna Pop album. Pete Stop's autumn indoor concert tour will be performed in 8 Polish cities, among others: Poznań, Warsaw, Rzeszów, Lublin and Katowice.

The Pete Stop tour is a concert presentation of the second chapter of the Dziewczyna Pop album. Daria Zawiałow will reach for the most rock, sultry and dark songs from her repertoire, which she will combine with compositions recorded for the latest album.

“The album is divided into three chapters: the first – 92 – focuses on the painful past. The second one – Pete Stop – about a safe present and the need for stability. The last one - Backdoor - was created to leave the door open - just in case everything falls apart in the future," said Daria Zawiałow in an interview for Wysokie Obcasy.

Daria Zawiałow is an extremely electrifying artist and one of the most temperamental voices on the Polish music scene. In 2017, she made her debut with the album A kysz!, and two years later she released Helsinki. In 2021, with the singles Kaonashi and Za krótki sen (with Dawid Podsiadło), she announced her third studio album Wojny i noce, which quickly won the status of a platinum album. The Dziewczyna Pop album, released in October 2023, has already gone platinum.