Deep Purple

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Deep Purple - a living legend of rock music. Always on the move, since 1968. They have released monumental albums - just to mention "In Rock", "Machine Head", "Burn" and "Perfect Strangers" or "Made In Japan", one of the best concert albums in the history of the genre - whose total circulation has long exceeded 100 million copies. They have performed thousands of concerts all over the world, including frequent visits in Poland, where they always receive a very warm welcome - which they deserve!

Fortunately, Deep Purple is not a museum on wheels, it is pure rock here and now. For over a decade, the band has not only performed fantastically on stage, but it still shows great creativity! "NOW What?!", "inFinite" and "Whoosh!", that is a series of albums recorded with Bob Ezrin, the producer known for his cooperation with, among others, KISS and Pink Floyd, stands up to comparison with the band's best classic albums. Even without Steve Morse, who left Deep Purple in 2022 for personal reasons, the group did not stop its triumphant march across the world's stages. On the contrary, Simon McBride's virtuoso skills and vitality energized the entire band and infected the fans with enthusiasm.

The band's latest tour is called 1 More Time Tour, but we do believe it's not goodbye yet, as Deep Purple is still rolling! You will see it for yourself on October 17 in Katowice.

There will be a special guest at the concert - Jefferson Starship, the American group . It was formed in 1974 on the ashes of the legendary, psychedelic Jefferson Airplane to define the sound of the California scene of that time. Jefferson Starship's early albums - including "Dragon Fly" and "Red Octopus" - are absolute classics today, but the band continues to create outstanding music. The album "Mother of the Sun", released in 2020 is the proof. One critic praised it to be "a brilliant portion of American stadium rock." Nothing more, nothing less.