Dropkick Murphys


The Dropkick Murphys were first formed in the docks of Boston as a way to kill time, but soon grew into a true monster that can now shake everyone out of their boots, no matter how well tied, and whirl even the greatest bore away into hours of rollicking fun in the haze of Irish whiskey. Released in 1997, the band’s debut album, “Do Or Die”, rose to instant fame and is still held up as a canonical example and model of folk punk today.

The band enjoyed great commercial success and soon moved on from playing in Boston’s dives and garages to worldwide festivals, but even today, after many changes in line-up, it has kept its original feisty, street-smart spirit and the joy of music. Easily recognised from a mile off, the distilled style of the Boston band continues to mature with every year, without losing any of its early bursting energy. The boys from Boston still treat us to an excellent combination of fierce folk punk melodies, street punk pluckiness and the virulence of classical hardcore that’s simply made for chanting out loud!!!

On 23 June in Katowice, apart from the star of the night, you will also see the legends of Bad Religion and Agnostic Front.