Film Music Concert | JUNIOR

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A big premiere!!!

On December 1, 2024, a spectacular Film Music Concert will be held at the Spodek arena in Katowice. Especially for young viewers, the Symphony Orchestra and Choir of the Warsaw University of Technology with over 100 members, conducted by Maciej Sztor, will perform songs from the following films: "The Lion King", "How to Train Your Dragon", "Harry Potter", "Kung Fu Panda", "Frozen", "Madagascar" and many others. The vocal solo parts will be sung by Anna Lasota, soloist, and the narration will be provided by Magda Miśka-Jackowska.

The songs will be performed live by the choir and orchestra, with the film scenes and famous film frames in the background. The symphonic music will be presented in an approachable way - unforgettable musical emotions for the youngest guaranteed, and the parents will have the opportunity to go back to the magical world of childhood.

We will hear the pieces by outstanding composers such as: Hans Zimmer, John Williams, John Powell, Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz and Alan Silvestri, who received the world's most prestigious awards. Their music, combined with iconic films with an uncountable number of viewers around the world, will once again remind us of timeless stories and values such as goodness, nobility, courage, friendship and love.

””The Lion King” is one of the greatest soundtracks. Excellent compositional inventiveness is in harmony with the image, reflecting the deepest and most sincere emotions. The combination of the rhythms of African music with the European musical language works perfectly not only in films, but also at concerts. Hans Zimmer included his entire attitude towards music, combining fun with personal experiences. In the song "Madagascar" you can hear the continuation of this fun," summarizes Maciej Sztor.

The concert will also be an excellent opportunity for the youngest to develop their musical skills and, together with the orchestra, under the conductor's baton, perform a song from "Madagascar" in the finale! Everyone can bring their favourite instruments or percussion elements, such as tambourines, rattles, bongos, drums, and even just two sticks - because everything can be used to create sound.

We invite everyone to the world of music and film - let's listen to music and make music together!