Kleks Academy Live – The Music School of Imagination


“Welcome to Our Fairy Tale” – all parents perfectly remember the famous song of the “Kleks Academy” and its opening lines. Before long, they will be able to take their own kids on an amazing fairy-tale adventure of their own. A few weeks after the premiere of the latest movie adaptation of Jan Brzechwa’s classic book, its characters will go on a spectacular tour of the largest entertainment venues in Poland and take spectators on a whirlwind journey to the realm of creativity and imagination. This time live!

The concert version of the adventures of Kleks and his colourful Academy will provide a huge dose of fun and learning for the entire family, with something to enjoy for kids and adults alike: a magical, engaging tale of imagination, especially that of children, and its limitless possibilities, told through a special, breath-taking show. Together with the show’s fantastic characters, spectators in seven different Polish towns will go on an unforgettable adventure that provides not just high-quality entertainment, but also an opportunity to develop skills and learn tolerance and openness.

The Kleks Academy Live Tour – The Music School of Imagination includes plenty of visual and musical surprises that will make the world of “Kleks Academy” (whether you know it from the book or the movie) magically come to life.