Kreator and Anthrax + Testament


Thrash ‘Till Death: Kreator and Anthrax at the only concert in Poland with Testament as a special guest!
Thrash metal legends will appear on stage on December 11 in Katowice, and they will be supported by our dream special guest: Testament.
It's going to be the ultimate thrash night. Kreator will present the genre in its most venomous and furious form, and Anthrax will show us a crossover, melodic, and often eclectic side of their music. Take your leather jackets out of the closet and clean your white hi-tops - they will come in handy because another one will play alongside these two legendary bands – Testament, the band from the USA.

KREATOR (Germany) thrash metal

When they released "Pleasure to Kill" almost forty years ago, there were no more brutal thrash players. Today, however, it is not easy to find someone as consistent and qualitative as Kreator, because after more or less successful experiments in the 90s and a great comeback thanks to "Violent Revolution", the German machine is still on an upward wave, proving to everyone that their leading position in the genre in Europe is not a coincidence. Moreover, Mille Petrozza and his colleagues do not pretend that it is still 1986, that the world has not moved forward. The thrash beat without a hint of awkwardness is complemented by guitar leads worthy of heavy metal classics, and even a bit more modern extreme such as melodic death metal. And the concerts - they were always devastatingly effective.

ANTHRAX (USA) thrash metal

In the mid-80s, American thrash was going on a "faster, heavier, even more aggressive" path, and Anthrax - remaining within the mainstream - took a different route. That's why the fans started to love them. They always did it their way, regardless of what was appropriate. In a nutshell: leaders, not followers. New Yorkers, under the leadership of the tireless Scott Ian, tried many things in metal before others did - even before anyone came up with them. Full alliance with hardcore punk? Got it! Pioneering collaborations with hip-hop? Sure, after all, the Public Enemy song didn't come from nowhere. A casual style instead of ruffling feathers? Why not? You will be delighted, especially since in the case of such a concert the title "Caught in a Mosh" seems prophetic...

TESTAMENT (USA) thrash metal, death metal

Alex Skolnick's virtuoso solos, Chuck Billy's typical thrash hoarseness and deep growl, and of course Eric Peterson's invaluable songwriting skills - this is what made Testament a great band. Their contribution to the genre is extremely important, because over the years they have proven that they are a band that knows it inside out. From hits with catchy melodies in the lead, through great power ballads, perfectly measured groove, death metal extremes and technical flourishes - they have it all.