KULT | Pomarańczowa trasa (Orange Tour)


On November 23, 2024, KULT will perform at the Spodek arena in Katowice, as part of the annual Orange Tour. Traditionally, the band will provide nearly three hours on stage and a setlist of several dozen legendary songs to thousands of fans from all over Poland.

KULT was formed over 40 years ago in Warsaw. It was founded by Kazik Staszewski, vocalist (and later also saxophonist) and Piotr Wieteska, bass player. The first line-up was completed by Tadeusz Bagan, guitarist and Darek Gierszewski, drummer. The band debuted on stage on July 7, 1982 at the Remont club in Warsaw. Since then, the group has not lost its popularity, they constantly give concerts and release new albums. Subsequent generations of listeners appreciate KULT for its provocative, rebellious lyrics, characteristic sound and youthful feistiness. KULT's latest studio album, the first in almost five years, titled "Ostatnia płyta" was released on the market in May 2021.

KULT's annual performance at the Spodek hall in Katowice, as part of the Orange Tour, is a must-attend event on the concert map of Poland, attracting thousands of loyal fans of the band from all over Poland. Listeners eagerly point out the unique atmosphere and incredible energy of these events.