The history of MAYDAY is unique and has been going on since 2000.

No other event in Poland has had such an impact on popular culture. MAYDAY is the first Rave in a big hall. These are stages presenting fresh talents and seasoned legends. This is a unique experience of powerful bass and crystal clear sound combined with unique scenography, consistency of light and lasers - all in the name of the principle: Forward ever, backward never!

For 25 years, at Spodek in Katowice, on one special night, several thousand people and several thousand individuals have had one thing in common: love for electronic music. They all want one thing: fun, relaxation, sense of community and entertainment.

As they spread a thousand hands and a thousand throats shout: „MAYDAY! MAYDAY!”, we know that MAYDAY is not a mere party, but also a unique community.

The 25th, timeless, innovative and yet completely classic edition of MAYDAY is upon us. It's time to rediscover and relive these exciting moments that define the essence of rave culture.

All together, all united.