NEW YEAR'S EVE PARTY 2024 in a Rock style

new yea eve.jpg

The first and only New Year's Eve Party in Poland. New Year's Eve Party in a Rock style - with Małgorzata Ostrowska, Ira and 4 Szmery. Three concerts on the last night of the year.

This is an option for all those who are tired of watching TV on their couch or eating jelly dessert at the table on New Year's Eve.

On stage:

Małgorzata Ostrowska - one of the most popular Polish rock artists. She specializes in creating rock and pop-rock music. In 2024, Małgosia celebrates her wonderful Jubilee of 40 years on stage, which is promoted by the concert tour entitled "Piękna Pani Meluzyna | 40 years on stage" and this song will probably be performed during New Year's Eve Party in a Rock style.

IRA - one of the most paramount Polish rock bands, founded in 1987 in Radom. It is also one of the most popular Polish bands playing a milder version of heavy metal from the first half of the 1990s. Their concerts are a real treat for fans, and tickets sell out quickly. Their music brought them many distinctions and awards, and their hits are hummed by many people even after a dozen or so years. Their biggest hits include: "Ona jest ze snu", "Wybacz", "Miłość", "Nie daj mi odejść" or "Powtarzaj to". 

4 SZMERY - For over 25 years, the band has performed thousands of concerts, travelled tens of thousands of kilometres both in Poland and Europe, and played for hundreds of thousands of listeners. 4 Szmery was founded in 1998 as a classic "Tribute band", whose aim was to popularize the music of the Australian legend band - AC/DC. Over the course of 20 years of their presence on stage, they have become known as a phenomenal performer of AC/DC compositions from the entire period of the Australian band’s activity. The group deliberately gave up dressing up and focused on music, which gained them a huge cult following.