Scooter w Spodku 2020

The event has been rescheduled for 26th of October 2021.


Scooter band performs in Poland again!
We invite you to the concert to Spodek Arena on October 30, 2020.

Scooter is a German group founded in 1993 in Germany. The music they perform is defined by a combination of genres: dance, rave, breakbeat hardcore, happy hardcore, trance and techno. Their first single "Hyper Hyper" quickly became a huge success and was the result of freestyle vocalist H.P. Baxxter to the dance instrumental piece. Over the years, the band has already released over 20 studio albums on stage, and one of their biggest hits are "How Much Is The Fish", "Maria", "One" and "The Logical Song".

The full band will visit Katowice as part of their concert tour.

Event regulations: