Summer Fog Festival 2023


Summer Fog Festival will rock Spodek Arena in July!

 A real celebration of fans of all kinds of progrock will last two days this year. On July 15 and 16, Katowice's Spodek will host a festival with Nick Mason from Pink Floyd and Steve Hackett from Genesis as headliners.

Rock concerts in Poland are extremely popular events for music fans. More and more well-known and popular artists come to our country with performances, which is a treat for lovers of good music. Especially summer is a great time, during which many music events are organized. Long evenings encourage you to spend time outdoors until late hours, and air-conditioned halls give relief from hot weather. And although it is pleasantly cool inside, the audience, music and creators themselves create a hot atmosphere just like during Summer Fog Festival.

Nick Mason — Pink Floyd  concert in Poland
Pink Floyd – a legendary rock group known for hits such as "Another Brick In The Wall", "The Great Gig In The Sky" and "Wish You Were Here" with over 250 million records sold worldwide. Music often described as psychedelic and progressive rock. Their work combines unique fun with graphics, meaningful lyrics with a message, unique sound, as well as spectacular and elaborate performances on stage.

Nick Mason - drummer known from Pink Floyd, who performs with the group throughout its activity. In his solo achievements, he rather referred to the genre of jazz-rock. Known for the tracks "Fearless", "Atom Heart Mother" and "Green In the Colour".

Steve Hackett - a guitarist who performs solo, but also collaborated with Genesis or GTR and represents the styles of progressive rock and pop rock, art rock and hard rock. His popular songs include "Spectral Mornings" and "The Red Flowers Of Tachai Blooms Everywhere".

SBB is considered one of the most important rock formations in Poland and has many devoted fans both in the country and abroad. During their more than 50-year career, the band has released many studio and live albums and has participated in many important musical events.

Riverside is a Polish music group founded in 2001 in Warsaw. Their music oscillates around the genres of progressive rock, progressive metal and psychedelic. The band is famous for its extremely extensive and complex arrangements, long songs as well as climatic and emotional lyrics, touching on the subject of life, death, loneliness or depression. The band consists of: Mariusz Duda (vocals, bass guitar, acoustic guitar), Maciej Meller (lead guitar), Michał Łapaj (keyboards) and Piotr Kozieradzki (drums).

Steve Hillage is a British musician, guitarist, vocalist and music producer, known primarily for his activities in the 70s. His guitar playing style is distinctive due to the use of sound effects and techniques such as tapping, which influenced the development of musical genres such as space rock, progressive rock and post-punk.

IQ is a British rock band formed in 1981. The group is known for its classic progressive rock, and their musical style is often compared to bands such as Genesis, Yes and Pink Floyd. The band gained popularity in the 80s with the albums "The Wake" and "Nomzamo". The band consists of Peter Nicholls (vocals), Mike Holmes (guitar), Paul Cook (keyboards), Tim Esau (bass) and Neil Durant (drums). IQ continues its activities and tours around the world, also releasing new albums such as "Resistance" and "The Road of Bones".

Gong is a British rock band formed in the 1960s. Their musical style includes elements of progressive rock, jazz, space rock and psychedelia. The band is known for long improvisations, sound experiments and creative arrangements. Among the most famous Gong albums are "Camembert Electrique", "Flying Teapot" and "Angel's Egg". The gong had a major influence on the development of progressive and psychedelic music.

O.R.K's music combines elements of progressive rock, avant-garde, jazz and electronics, creating an original and innovative sound. The lyrics of the songs touch on topics related to the condition of the human mind, emotions and social problems.

Collage is a Polish rock band founded in 1985. Their music combines elements of progressive rock, progressive metal and avant-garde music. Characteristic for Collage is also the use of various types of keyboard and electronic instruments, such as synthesizers and samplers.