Taneczny Spodek 2025

taneczny spodek.jpg

This is certainly the largest Disco Music Festival in Silesia, which will attract several thousand people looking for good fun to Katowice. The biggest stars of Polish dance music will perform in this magical place, Spodek in Katowice. Perfectly refined technical and visual setting, the best music and a unique atmosphere will make this musical event the best in the life of everyone who decides to spend Saturday evening in this cosmic symbol of Silesia! Do not wait and buy your ticket today. Invite your friends to spend this St. Valentine's weekend in the best company and dancing style.

The Taneczny Spodek will feature famous performers, favourites of the Polish audience, who can boast dozens or even hundreds of millions of views on YouTube! The bands that will set fire to the Katowice audience include Skolim, the undisputed King of Latino with such hits as "Temperatura", „Wyglądasz idealnie”, famous and unique band Mig and their well-known song “Wymarzona”, Defis with the song“Niespotykany Kolor”, Long & Junior with their hits “Tańcz, Tańcz, Tańcz” and „Kolorowa Sukienka”, Piękni i Młodzi known for such hits as “Kocham się w Tobie” and „Ona jest taka cudowna”, Czadoman and his “Ruda tańczy jak szalona”, D-Bomb with the famous "O Ela”, Weekend with the song “Ona Tańczy dla mnie”, Miły Pan with the songs: „Małolatki" and „Królowa”, Power Play with a hit song „Co ma być to będzie”, Playboys with their songs: „Nasza Noc" and „Lejde”, Łobuzy with a timeless piece „Ona czuje we mnie piniądz”, Eni with the hit „So Hot”, Discoboys with a song „Zarąbista Blondi” and Dance 2 Disco, the amazing remixers - in other words, the very cream of Polish disco!