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Moulin Rouge | Chicago | The Phantom of the Opera | Mamma Mia | Burlesque | Cats | Les Misérables | La La Land | King of Entertainment | Evita | Grease | The Hunchback of Notre Dame | Beauty and the Beast

The greatest hits from the world's most popular musicals. A huge spectacle and musical show. A beautiful and breathtaking setting with the participation of the Magical InfraArt Symphonic Orchestra & Stanisław Słowiński Sextet.

On stage, you will see well-known and popular vocalists participating in the most popular musicals and on the music stages in Poland and Europe:

  • Natasza Urbańska
  • Kasia Moś
  • Łukasz Zagrobelny
  • Rafał Szatan
  • Agnieszka Przekupień
  • Jakub Wocial
  • Anastazja Simińska
  • Marcin Franc

The World Musical Show was created out of passion for music and musicals, therefore it requires an amazing setting where on one stage we combine innovative lighting effects, beautiful vocal performances and an amazing dance setting, providing viewers with unforgettable experiences and emotions.