When A Man Loves a Woman Concert vol. 2

man loves woman.jpg

The second edition of this beautiful event - again in Spodek. Three hours of the greatest Polish and world hits about love - about women and for women. This will undoubtedly be the largest and most beautiful women's celebration in Poland.

10 wonderful singers will sing for us: Marek Piekarczyk – Andrzej Piaseczny – Piotr Cugowski – Artur Gadowski – Kuba Badach – Janusz Radek – Mateusz Ziółko – Mietek Szcześniak – Sławek Uniatowski – Łukasz Zagrobelny. They will be accompanied by the 30-piece KUKLA BAND orchestra conducted by Zygmunt Kukla.

You can expect a great musical and multimedia spectacle!