Who is it for?

Spodek has become an iconic presence on the map of Katowice. Part of the new Culture Zone, the building now takes on a brand new image. It is here that top event organizers choose to set their high-profile events. Spodek is a versatile space, ideal for large concerts, sports events with audiences of more than ten thousand, and for business events, especially those in the field of new technologies, which seek a perfect venue to impress a discerning and emotion-seeking audience.

Together with the neighbouring International Conference Centre, Spodek is one of the most extraordinary and unique venues for entertainment, sports and cultural events. You can also visit the website of the International Conference Centre: www.mckkatowice.pl.

  • An icon of Polish architecture, one of the most recognizable structures in Poland
  • An historic site inscribed into the landscape of Katowice
  • An arena for large concerts by world-famous artists
  • A place that pulsates with emotion during world-class sports events
  • A cosmic venue for special events in an extraordinary setting